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Connecting Confluent Cloud
to Streambased

This guide shows how to connect your Streambased deployment to Confluent cCloud Kafka deployments.
Pradeep Sekar

Table of Contents

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This guide shows how to connect your Streambased deployment to Confluent cCloud Kafka deployments. In addition to following this guide we encourage you to review the documentation at: https://streambased-io.github.io/streambased/index.html and the Streambased webpage: https://streambased.io/. Feel free to reachout at info@streambased.io with any questions.

Note: We suggest running Streambased in a docker environment. Ensure that your environment has docker and docker-compose installed and is able to run containers with the amd64 platform. If you do not wish to use docker, bare metal steps can be found here: https://streambased-io.github.io/streambased/tutorial.html

Step 1: Download Streambased

Unpack the zip and navigate to the “ccloud” directory. This will be the base directory for our installation. Run the following command to setup the environment:

Step 2: Grab your Confluent Cloud config

The easiest way to record your Confluent Cloud is from the Confluent Cloud web UI. Log in and navigate to your cluster, then click Clients -> Java

You should see the following listed configs:

Streambased required the following configs, make a note of these:


Note: These configs should represent a user that has read and describe permissions on all topics you wish to access using Streambased. In addition to this the configs should have read/write permissions on the following Streambased internal topics:



Step 3: Configure Streambased

A template for Streambased config has already been created in the demo. To use your own configurations we’ll first configure Streambased acceleration, change serverConfig/indexer.properties

					indexed.topics # -> comma separated list of topics you wish to accelerate with Streambased

schema.registry.schema.registry.url  -> confluent config schema.registry.url

schema.registry.basic.auth.user.info  -> confluent config basic.auth.user.info

consumer.bootstrap.servers  -> confluent config bootstrap.servers

consumer.sasl.jaas.config -> confluent config sasl.jaas.config


Next let’s configure the Streambased Server, change serverConfig/catalog/kafka.properties

					kafka.nodes -> confluent config bootstrap.servers

kafka.confluent-schema-registry-url -> confluent config schema.registry.url

kafka.confluent-schema-registry-basic-auth-user-info -> confluent config basic.auth.user.info


Finally, change serverConfig/client.properties

					bootstrap.servers ->  confluent config bootstrap.servers

sasl.jaas.config -> confluent config sasl.jaas.config


Step 4: Start Streambased

All that’s left to do is to start the Streambased services:
					docker-compose up -d

Now you can connect to all of your Kafka data with JDBC. For instructions on how to do this check out our guides for Superset, DBT, Tableau and Jupyter

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