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Connecting to Streambased
from Tableau

Master the process of integrating Tableau with Streambased to bring powerful real-time data visualization and analytics to your streaming datasets.
Pradeep Sekar

Table of Contents

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You must have a running Streambased server before following this guide. For details on how to run Streambased see the documentation here: https://streambased-io.github.io/streambased/index.html or run one of the demos here: https://github.com/streambased-io/streambased-demos

Step 1: Download and install the Streambased JDBC Driver

The Streambased JDBC Driver can be found here: https://streambased-tutorial.s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com/streambased-jdbc-driver.jar

This must be placed in your Tableau drivers directory (usually C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers)

Step 2: Create a new JDBC source

Now start Tableau and from the “Connect” select “More” under the subheading “To a Server”

In the popout select “Other Databases (JDBC)”

Step 3: Configure the connection

Next configure the connection, only the database URL is required:
Note: the url above assumes Streambased is running locally, adjust the host and port according to your deployment.

Step 4: Add some custom SQL

In the resulting screen select a database and schema and let’s run some queries! Select “New Custom SQL” and enter a query.

Step 5: Update the query result

With the custom query configured the final step is to run it. Select “Update Now” to trigger query execution.
And see the results:
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